Whisky at The Blend by Chivas Regal

The Blend by Chivas Regal Whisky

If you’re looking for something to do in Manchester then look no further than Manchester’s newest pop up, The Blend by Chivas Regal.

Whisky at The Blend by Chivas Regal

Located at 13 Quay Street in Spinningfields, Manchester, The Blend by Chivas Regal is the perfect blend (pun intended) of traditional and something a bit different. As you enter the fourth floor of the building, there’s a luxurious reception area, where you check in for your session and receive your Chivas cocktail token. You then go through to the bar, where you can sip your cocktail in style on a comfy sofa, or by the huge windows.

The bar at The Blend by Chivas Regal Whisky
Photo by Chivas Regal.

There were five cocktails to choose from, including a Sours, a Collins and two cocktails named after by two famous Manchester figures, one of which was Emmeline Pankhurst. The cocktail I choose was called Colony and the main reason I chose it was because it has bee pollen in it, which is something I’ve never come across before. Would recommend, but do wish I’d tried the one that had some form of blackberry in it… I haven’t stopped thinking about that to be honest.

Cocktail at The Blend by Chivas Regal
Photo by Chivas Regal

The class itself is really informative, you learn all about whisky including where it comes from, where it all started and all about Chivas Regal. Also, I felt like a chemisty genius sat in front of tonnes of beakers. There’s five types of whisky that have a guided tasting of and you also get try some of the Chivas Regal 12-year-old blend.

After you’ve been educated on all things whisky, you’re left to create your own 200 ml bottle of blended whisky using the five different types. We were encouraged to use all five variations, but I cannot stand smoky whisky, so that went absolutely nowhere near my blend. I decided that my favourite combination was the floral base with lots of creamy, a touch of fruity and a tiny bit of citrus. I took my bottle home with my and placed it in pride of place on the bar (windowsill).

The Blend by Chivas Regal

It was so much fun making my blend and I learnt so much about whisky. This is knowledge I will without a doubt be showing off at every given opportunity. I was really impressed by how much you get for your money too, tickets are only £15, and that includes your hour-long lesson and all the whisky you sample during it, a 200 ml bottle of whisky and a cocktail worth £7/£8 (depending which one you choose). This makes it such a good option for date night, a night out with your friends or a treat for your parents, you’d be paying £15 for a couple of drinks on a Saturday night!

My own whisky blend from Chivas Regal

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    1. I don’t drink masses of whisky, and definitely not without a mixer! But it was a really fun night and the whisky was really smooth.

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