Asos nude pink trainers

January Sales Buys

I’ve been so lucky with the sales this year, I’ve found so many good things, here’s a quick round up of the best bargains of the month.
Warehouse Crossbody Bag: £12

This bag is really simple, but I love the colour, and you can remove the straps and use it as a clutch. It also real leather, which is amazing for £12.


Topshop Satin  Puffer Jacket: £45

I’ve had my eye on this coat for a while, so as soon as it went into sale I bought it. You still get 10% student discount off sale items in Topshop too, bargain!


ASOS Nude Trainers: £15

I’ve been looking for a nice pair of nude trainers for ages and I came across these on ASOS. They’re really good quality, and comfy too.


Zara Boots: £19.99

These boots were my life, until I tried them on at home and they looked too big on my ankles…

I bought these in store and can’t find them online anymore.

Zara Trousers: £9.99

In the words of Missy Elliot, shake your pom poms. These pants are just as sassy as the song, if not more.


H&M Boots: £11.99

I was after some new black boots since they’re pretty much all I wear to work, and for the price of these you can’t really go wrong. They’re more calf length than ankle length, but I really like that about them. They’ve got really nice gold detailing on the back too.

H&M Bag: £5.39

I think this bag is funky, my friend thinks it looks like a seat belt. Agree to disagree.

I can’t find this online anymore, but they have a similar one at full price.


Primark Trousers: £5

Primark is cheap enough, but when they go into sale it’s very difficult not to pick up everything you see in the store. I hadn’t seen these pants when they were full price, but if I had I would have bought them then. I did have to take them up a little bit, but only because I wear pretty much all my pants as ankle grazers… and I’m pretty short.


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