One day in Prague, Czech Republic

I recently visited Prague, Czech Republic, for a music festival called Let it Roll, and it was insane. The festival was the best festival I have ever been to, the stage, the sets, the atmosphere, it was all so amazing, and it flew by in what felt like a minute.

teepees in the sunset


After spending five days in a tent, covered in dirt and with my dry shampoo to hair ratio not looking great, I was so grateful when we arrived in our hostel that had a shower and a bed! We stayed in Hostel Modra, which was pretty much at the airport. The hostel was fairly basic, but it was clean and the rooms were pretty big. There was absolutely nothing going on in the area (no airport raves, unfortunately) so we spent our final night cosied up together with some drinks.



The next day, after one wrong bus and directions from a very helpful Scottish guy, we made it into Prague city centre. We had a stroll round the Old Town Square and Charles Square, before sitting down for some food and a couple of beers in a little restaurant we found. When we realised that carrying bags and suitcases on the cobbled streets of Prague was basically impossible, especially after five days at a festival, we had another walk round the city centre and then sat down in a park with some snacks.


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