The Botanist

Now that the sun has finally started to make an appearance, I can almost guarantee you that I will only have one thing on my mind – cocktails!

I love sitting outside with a friend or two, soaking up the rays, and sipping on a nice cold alcoholic beverage during the summer, and since about February I’ve been on the look out for some bars that would be good in the sunshine, and I think I may have found one.

I headed down to The Botanist on Deansgate to have a taste of some of the cocktails from their new menu, and as soon as I stepped inside I loved it. It’s like an old fashioned botanical gardens, with shabby chic décor, a great deal of greenery and plenty of cushions to get comfy on.

I tried four cocktails from the new menu, and I might have to nip back in to sample the rest of them…

Basil and Plum Caiprihna


Thai Chilli Crush


Blackberry and Mint Julip

Blueberry and Passion Fruit Martini

The cocktails all use mainly fresh fruit rather than fruit purées, which means that the drinks are really light and refreshing, which makes them perfect for summer. They’re also lower in sugar, which means you drink more (yay!).

The staff were all lovely too, I even learnt some cocktail making tips from the ‘liquid chef’. Clap your mint, keep your ice and don’t muddle too hard!

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