A guide to New York City, USA

I went to New York in January and good god it was such an amazing few days.

Day One

We only got to the hotel at about 4, so after we’d faffed about getting changed and fighting jet lag, we only had a few hours to explore. We went to Chelsea market in the garment district to get something to eat, we looked around and it was an amazing place, but the food was more lunch/on-the-go food, so we ventured out and found a Mexican called ‘Dos Torros’, which was really good. I got chicken tacos and tortilla chips, with the BEST guacamole I have ever tasted. Ever. I think there was also another branch in Times Square too, if you’re in that area instead.

Day Two

We had a tour of Macy’s in the morning, which was really informative and interesting, and then we headed over to The Fashion Institute of Technology where they had this amazing ‘Fairy tale Fashion’ exhibition. There was some stunning dresses from the likes of D&G and Fendi on display, but my favourite piece was Dorothy’s red sparkly Louboutins. We grabbed something to eat and went to see Grand Central Station before we went for a tour of the United Nations. The UN actually such a good experience, and something I wouldn’t have thought to do in New York.

After that, we went to SoHo for a bit of shopping, and then wandered through Little Italy and into China Town for some food.

Day Three

We spent most of Wednesday on the subway since it was chucking it down all day (I guess we brought the Manchester weather with us, oops). We went to the Financial District first and had a walk down Wall Street, then we went to the 9/11 memorial, which is actually heart-breaking, it really does make you think about how many people’s lives were taken and ruined in a day, and seeing all the sky scrapers that surround the memorial just emphasises how much of a tragedy it was. But, it does have a sort of positive vibe to it, it’s hard to explain, but it broke my heart to see flowers in the names.

We then went through the World Trade Center and across the Brooklyn Bridge and then back into Manhattan for a walk down 5th Ave, where all the window displays sort of make you wish you were born/married into money. There’s this church on 5th Avenue that we went in as well, which was absolutely stunning.

Day Four

Starting the day with a talk from J Crew, and ending it with a trip to the top of the Rockefeller was literally the best day. J Crew was so good because they spoke about social media as a career and I’m 50:50 with choosing social media or marketing as my career in the future.  After that we all split up to do our own last-minute shopping and sight-seeing, before going to the top of the rock. I mean, I’m terrified of heights, but this was such a good experience. I would definitely recommend taking a trip up some form of tall building if you ever visit New York, because the views are crazy.

And then we had to leave…

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