The 5 Best Things About Coming Home From Uni

I love Manchester more than most normal people, and don’t get me wrong, I love the uni life. I can go out any (every) night of the week, eat what and when I want and wake up past 12pm on my days off without judgement, but there’s just something about coming home that you can’t beat.

The fridge is full of food

I don’t know about you, but at uni my fridge usually contains nothing but unidentifiable leftovers, so when I come home and open the fridge to see actual food it’s like a miracle.

The launderettes is free

Instead of shelling out a small fortune for your washing you can use and abuse your mums washing machine, and your clothes always feel so much softer when you wash them at home.

The local cuisine

Since I’m a seaside gal, one of the best things at home is the fish and chips. There’s so many chippys in Manchester but they just aren’t the same as the ones back home. Shout out to Kays fish and chip shop in Cleveleys.

Had to be done


Rather than shivering under a lukewarm dribbling shower head you can jump into a nice hot bath, complete with all your mums fancy bubble baths and scrubs. It’s up there as one of the best feelings in the world I swear.


You get a halo and sprout wings

You are the golden child of the family whilst you’re home, you get to pick what you eat, you get fed and you never leave empty handed.

Thanks for this week Mum and Dad, see you when I’m next hungry!

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