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  • A day in Eindhoven

    Lightbulb on the pavement, Eindhoven, Holland

    I love The Netherlands. Everything is so much simpler there. People don’t seem to be in a rush, nothing’s too much trouble and pretty much everything is self-explanatory, so I decided to extend my trip to Antwerp by having a day staying with a family friend in Eindhoven first. Our first stop was Stripj-S, a […]

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  • A Day In Prague

    I recently visited Prague, Czech Republic, for a music festival called Let it Roll, and it was insane. The festival was the best festival I have ever been to, the stage, the sets, the atmosphere, it was all so amazing, and it flew by in what felt like a minute. Sunsets and Teepees After spending five […]

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  • Festival Tips

    Last year I went to my first festival, Leeds to be exact, and boy oh boy would I have changed things knowing what I now know. So here’s a little guide to help you avoid mistakes and ensure you have the best time wherever you’re going. Tent First things first: tent. Pick a decent tent. […]

  • Fashion
  • Laces Out Festival

    As a self proclaimed shoe geek, Laces Out was a festival that I could not be more excited about, just thinking about the amount of trainers there got me excited. So I booked the tickets and off we went to Liverpool for the day. There was literally hundreds of shoes, some display only and some […]

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  • NYC

    I got back from the big apple on Friday and good god it was such an amazing few days. I thought I’d just give you a quick breakdown of what I did whilst I was there. Day One We only got to the hotel at about 4, so after we’d faffed about getting changed and […]

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  • London Calling

    Back in December, I went on a trip to London to attend the Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 launch, so I thought I’d just write a little post letting you know what I got up to in London, and I’ve even thrown in a list of my five favourite shops I went in. We […]