Sustainability Series: Sustainable Fashion and Minimalism with Nati Macchiato

This week, we will be talking to blogger, minimalist and sustainable fashion enthusiast: Nati Macchiato.



What made you start to think more about sustainability, particularly in the fashion industry?

I was consuming so much clothing I couldn’t physically or financially afford to buy any more and realised it was so out of hand I had to do something about it. I thought I’d challenge myself to strip my wardrobe right back to its very basics, and really enjoyed both the process and the results, so I’ve stuck with it!

Talking about getting back to the basics… You often talk about minimalism on your blog. Do you think living a minimalist lifestyle makes it easier to shop more consciously? 

It’s helped me hugely to shop consciously! I’ve learned about the importance of investing more in less pieces, and choosing pieces that are exceptional quality that will last me for years, since I’m not constantly shopping.

Less is more and all that. How do you manage to balance keeping your wardrobe looking fresh and your environmental impact low?

In order to keep my capsule wardrobe minimal, I bought two sets of coat hangers ( about twenty in total ) and have decided that if I don’t have a hanger in my wardrobe for a piece, I won’t buy it. So I alternate the pieces I have throughout the seasons, or sell / donate / recycle old pieces. Since I’m sort of swapping pieces out from time to time, I make a huge effort to shop with brands that are kind to the planet and its people.

Do you incorporate sustainable living into any other aspects of your life?

I’m at the start of my cruelty-free beauty and skincare journey, I’m veggie planning to go vegan, and I’m working on going zero-waste too!

You referred to fast fashion as ‘the f*uckboys of the clothing industry’. What is your top tip for getting over a break up with the high street?

In my blog post I created the ultimate guide to breaking up with high street clothing and how to enjoy the process, which I hope would help with that hugely! If you need a reminder for why it’s such a great idea and why you made the right decision, I’d suggest watching The True Cost on Netflix. It’s like a reminder of what you’re doing it for.

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