Ideas for dates that are a bit different

Dating is hard, that goes without saying. You have to invest time finding out about somebody new, and learning as much as you can about them, and that’s before it even gets serious. Fortunately, there’s now tonnes of apps and dating websites to help you on your search for the one!

I personally hate dates, they always feel so forced and so public. You plan to go to a nice bar with somebody you hardly know  (if you even know them at all) and smile politely, making small talk for a couple of hours before leaving in opposite directions. When you get home, you’ve then got to worry about playing the game of ‘shall I text him and risk looking like a loser, or shall I never ever speak to this boy again’. There are so many silly rules now about how long you should leave between texts, who should text first and even how often you should see each other. It really is a joke. BUT it has to be done, doesn’t it? So here are some ideas for dates that you won’t hate, and you may actually enjoy??

These ideas are mainly for dating in Cheshire, but you can always look for something similar closer to you!

Take a trip to an observatory

I’ve actually always wanted to go on a date to an observatory, I think it would be such a nice night. You can watch the stars and see all the planets, and it’s a good place to discuss the meaning of life or your beliefs in aliens and alternate universes if you really fancied it. Deep. There are loads of places that you can visit to stare into the stars.

Have a wander round a castle

Or why not take a trip to a castle? It’s a really different place to go for a date, and again, gives you tonnes to talk about, and the views are amazing.

Get active

Ok so I wouldn’t recommend that you do this on a first date… but after you’ve seen each other a few times and are comfortable enough to admit that you don’t look amazing all the time, go to a trampoline park!

It’s so much fun to jump around, but you do get very hot and sweaty.

You can show off your back-flips if you can do them (I can’t) or have a jumping contest to find out just how competitive your date is. Oxygen have trampoline parks everywhere, from Manchester to Glasgow, and the one I went to was so good. It’s like being a kid again. The Glasgow Air Space even holds ‘After Dark Parties’ where there’s music and drinks.

oxygen air space glasgow

If all else fails and you HAVE to go to a bar, at least go to somewhere a bit different.

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  1. Some of those ideas sound lovely – and much more interesting than the “usual” dating places.

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