V-12 trainers from sustainable fashion brand, Veja

Can sustainable fashion be ‘on trend’?

What do you think about when you hear the words ‘sustainable fashion’?

Is it ugly hemp dresses that closely resemble potato sacks? Or is it stiff, beige untreated organic cotton?

*HINT* It isn’t!!

In the past, sustainable clothing hasn’t been known for being fashionable, and that’s kind of down to the fact that it’s not part of the trend driven, fast-fashion industry. You can’t be sustainable if you’re following every trend you come across, but it doesn’t mean you have to live your life in boring beige pants either. It’s all about balance.

Here are a few of my current favourite brands who are not only looking out for our planet and the people making our clothes, they’re also proving that sustainable can be on trend.

1. Veja

If you’re looking for some new trainers, try French clothing brand, Veja. They use organic and recycled materials, as well as committing to fair trade sourcing. The trainers come in loads of different styles and colours, but my favourite has got to be the V-12.

V-12 trainers from sustainable fashion brand, Veja

Not only are Veja sustainable, they are also affordable, with most shoes around the £125 mark.


A Mindful Use of resources (AMUR) really have got the perfect balance between clothes that are on trend, but are also classic enough for you to keep them for years. Using natural fibres such as organic cotton, hemp and silk, as well as regenerated waste textiles, AMUR have created a collection of statement pieces you’ll never want to get rid of. For example, this pleated skirt made from recycled materials.

Orange pleated skirt from sustainable fashion brand AMUR

3. Libertine-Libertine

This Copenhagen brand is the epitome of Scandi-chic. Simple, sophisticated and super effortless. Libertine-Libertine add their own twist to everyday pieces – a sunshine yellow dress, a metallic dress-come co-ord and my favourite, velvet navy pants with a matching jacket. The menswear collection is somewhere in-between skate and smart-casual, which actually really works. The focus of the brand is to use high quality materials and produce  in the best mills in Europe.

Navy velvet trousers and jacket from sustainable fashion brand, Libertine-Libertine

If you have any sustainable brands that you love, let me know!

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