Antwerp, Belguim

Adventures in Antwerp, Belgium

I recently visited Antwerp, for a music event, but I also had some time to have a wander around the city. If I could pack my bags and move there tomorrow, trust me, I would.

The city is so beautiful and just when you think you’ve seen everything, a walk down a winding side street brings you out somewhere brand new! Even the station was amazing, it was such an intricate building and the platforms were spread over four floors.

When we first arrived we were all starving, so we went inside Senor Taco for some Mexican food, which was so tasty and really cheap too. After that, we headed back to the hotel to get ready and then we went out for the night. I was so shocked at how quiet everywhere seemed to be, it was a Friday night so I expected all of the bars and clubs to be packed, but at times it felt like we were the only people in town. We eventually ended up in De Prof, a student bar. Drinks were fairly cheap, so we were pretty happy in the end. We then went to Cafe D’Anvers and I had such a good night.

After recovering from our hangovers, we walked into town to go exploring. We wandered round for ages and just spent some time taking in the city and it’s amazing architecture. There was a Banksy exhibition on, so we went and had a look round that too.

We grabbed some food at a small cafe and then looked round some of the shops Antwerp had to offer. There were so many independent and vintage stores, but if you stay in the south of the city, near Modemuseum (well worth a visit and only three euros if you’re under 25) then you’ll come across the best shops in the city. I would recommend Labels Inc for very cheap high end designer. Then there’s ROsier 41,  Noe and Ginger for something a bit different. If you’re looking for vintage, then visit Think Twice. There was also Vier for men’s street wear, Today is a Good Day for eco-fashion, and Renaissance for very high end fashion. Moose in the City was really good too – think Scandi-chic street wear -it was my favourite shop.

If you visit Antwerp, make sure you go down the side streets too, since we did that and ended up in a botanical gardens that we didn’t even know existed! It was amazing, and even though it was the middle of February, you could still go and see all the plants that they had inside the greenhouses.

I also visited Eindhoven, Holland and Brussels, Belgium, have a look at the posts if you want to know what I got up to whilst I was there.

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