Lightbulb on the pavement, Eindhoven, Holland

A day in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

I love The Netherlands. Everything is so much simpler there. People don’t seem to be in a rush, nothing’s too much trouble and pretty much everything is self-explanatory, so I decided to extend my trip to Antwerp by having a day staying with a family friend in Eindhoven first.

Our first stop was Stripj-S, a quirky area just outside the city centre that has loads of shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries for you to have a look around, I would highly recommend visiting this area if you ever find yourself in Eindhoven. There’s also a building called The Blob, which is actually home to the store ‘Sissy Boy’ that has possibly the most aesthetically pleasing interior in the city.

We only stopped for a quick snack for lunch because we’d already had a massive breakfast and we knew we were in for a big tea too, so we got some chips and mayo at a place called Streetfood. It was my favourite kind of place: small, cute and covered in plants. They served salads, sandwiches and obviously chips, but I did spy a breakfast menu too. The shelves were lined with various herbs, oils and vinegars and I even saw “make your own gin and tonic” on their website, which I will most definitely be doing next time I visit!

There’s a fair few bars to visit too, we chose to go in one by the main square called Cafe De Wilderman and got half a litre of Bavaria for five euros, most of the bars around town had the same prices.

The shops in Eindhoven are the same as in most European cities, think H&M, Primark, Zara, etc., but there was also a Monki, some cool vintage stores in the De Bergen area, and Bjorn Borg had a vending machine for boxers. Have a look around the Stripj-S area if you’re wanting to do some shopping that you couldn’t do on your local high street.

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