Top tips for attending a music festival in the UK

Last year I went to my first festival, Leeds to be exact, and boy oh boy would I have changed things knowing what I now know. So here’s a little guide to help you avoid mistakes and ensure you have the best time wherever you’re going.


First things first: tent. Pick a decent tent. I cannot say this enough. I ended up sharing a tiny two man tent that I picked up for about a tenner from Asda the week before. I can safely say that it was the worst choice ever, because when I did want to sleep, I couldn’t. There was no space at all and I only brought a sleeping bag so I could actually feel stones digging into my back at night. Get a good tent and invest in an inflatable bed, a pillow and a warm sleeping bag, I promise it’s worth the extra money.


I also took loads of food with me and I think I only actually ate one pack of noodles and some cereal whilst I was there. Aave yourself the money, effort and space and just take some food that you will enjoy eating, eg: chocolate, sweets and crisps. When you’re hungover, the last thing you want to be eating is a hard pot noodle because the water never really boils so nothing ever really cooks. Just take a bit of extra cash and get yourself a bacon barm or a burger. Deffo take tea bags, and some hot chocolate sachets, these will make you feel more human, I swear.


I know that as a fashion student I shouldn’t be saying this, but fashion is not a priority at a festival. I don’t mean wear rags for the weekend, but before you pack that white playsuit, think of the mud, think of the rain, think about the portaloo situation. I’d take a couple of pairs of trusty shorts, some leggings, a few tee’s, a warm hoodie and some very comfy pj’s. I ended up actually going out at night wearing all my clothes with my pyjama bottoms over the top because it was so cold. I’d invest in some nice shades too, so that you can cover most of your face for photos when you look gross. Also, get a nice rain coat, wellies and long socks, because that will be covering your outfit 90% of the time anyway.


Make up is a tricky one, because whilst it does take up space and stuff, it really does make you feel so much better when you have suitcases under your eyes and your skin is gross. I’d say take the make up that you’d use on an average day (foundation, concealer, mascara, eye brow kit and plently of lip balm). Take loads of baby wipes, dry shampoo, deodorant and moisturiser too, and if you’re showering, take little bottles of shampoo and shower gel. Don’t forget to pack basic things like paracetamol, plasters, toothpaste and brush, mouthwash and lots and lots of antibacterial gel.


I know it’s boring, but here are some quick safety tips too.

  1. Take your phone, you’ll need it in case you get lost. Just take it everywhere you go in a case and a bumbag so it doesn’t get wet or stolen. If there’s a stall renting out portable chargers for the weekend, get one, but make sure it’s free to go and charge the charger.
  2. Don’t put a lock on your tent, it looks like you’ve got stuff worth nicking in it (which you won’t).
  3. Take a disposable camera, it saves you risking getting your phone out, and also saves the battery.
  4. Take as little cash as you can, there’s probably going to be a cash machine on site if you need more.
  5. WEAR A BUMBAG! It means you can take everything out with you, leaving nothing in your tent in the unlikely event that it gets robbed. Everything you own is right in front of you, and it won’t fall out, like it would in your pockets.
  6. Also, try to eat a decent amount every day and drink loads of water, you’ll thank yourself when you get home.

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